Sunday, May 30, 2010

Make Your Deal Attractive and Hard to Resist

A friend and I recently made plans to have dinner at a nearby restaurant and catch a movie premier the same night. As we all know, an evening out can easily become expensive. She had heard the restaurant was offering a great dinner deal that included an appetizer, entree, and dessert for an affordable price. Participating in this dinner opportunity which provided a great selection of menu items, also entitled you to purchase a discounted movie ticket. I thought this was a great idea after taking in to account my evening would have easily cost double if I didn't.

The restaurant worker assured us the ticket could be used that evening, but I believed the movie ticket would have to be used another time because often they cannot be used at premier night(rules set by the production company.) Imagine my surprise when we arrived at the box office, and learned that- yes we could use them!

After replaying the evening in my mind I remembered the restaurant remained busy while we were there. I could hear many people taking advantage of this dinner special.

Everyone enjoys going to the theatre at some point, but often avoid it because of the price. Making it affordable made the trip to the restaurant worthwhile. Plus, the food was tasty. Had the special not have been occuring we may not have rushed to the restaurant. Now that we were offered a great deal, good food, friendly service, and an establishment truthful with their word, I will definitely return. They also have created new fans of this establishment that will spread the word.

Think of something that everyone would enjoy or use that your business can offer. Add it on as an attractive bonus to an already good deal to generate business. Make it worthwhile, and people will travel the distance to get it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Business or Pleasure, for Both Financial Empowerment is a Must!

Financial empowerment in business and in life, is the way to secure your future. By planning early, and taking the proper steps to secure your future-you can remain on a path to a comfortable lifestyle and a secure business future. Here are a few tips to keep in mind along the way.

Homeownership is an excellent way to build wealth. If you are a renter today, prepare to take the proper steps and become an owner tomorrow.

Maintain your budget, and make a lifelong commitment to saving and investing.

Manage your credit, budget, debt....wisely.

Examine your skills, and make changes to continuously learn. This will help maximize your future earning potential.

By taking the proper steps to secure your insurance and financial planning you can secure the assets you have.

Pass your wealth on to future generations.

Start at a young age and expose your children to proper financial and business education. This can help secure their future as well.

Financial goals and needs change, so ensure you review them annually. Never invest in just one area. Diversify your accounts, so you stand the best chance of growing your portfolio.

Always remember, you hold the reigns to your financial future.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

When I Look, What am I Missing?

I consider myself one that looks at things carefully, and reviews things closely before making a final decision. But, recently I had an experience that made me rethink how carefully am I looking when things are presented to me? A friend brought up the subject of the company logo for Federal Express. Apparently the creator had placed an arrow in the logo, and I didn’t believe it initially.

This is a logo I had seen for years. The Federal Express truck has come to my home on various occasions, but yet I never noticed this! I knew there must be some mistake. He held up a printout of the logo and said “do you see it?” I scanned quickly, realizing there apparently should be more there than I realized. I spotted it! and then I gasped. How could this be? It wasn’t as if I was always rushing when I had seen these words previously, but it did create an AHA moment for me I must admit.

This experience served as a reminder that often we miss opportunities, because we fail to take in the clear picture of possibilities. At times it takes others pointing things out to us, for the picture to become clear.

Several days after this experience I saw another Federal Express truck drive across the intersection in front of me. The arrow seemed to jump off the side of the truck at me. It was clear as day. Review your business practices, ideas… and consider what opportunities you just may have overlooked without realizing it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to Maintain Balance Between Business and Family Life

The economy has forced many people into the position of working longer hours in order to pay the bills. What once was a 40 hour work week for many, has turned into a 50 plus hour work week. Often this means bringing work home, and continuing your shift during the evening hours. This makes it difficult for many to separate their work life from their home and family life. Here are a few tips to help you maintain balance.

Set a Schedule

Use an organizer to help you clearly review what is expected of you each day, week, and month. Establish an action log and catergorize items in order of priority. Review the list often, and clarify the amount of time needed to complete these tasks. Allocate additional time in the schedule in case you run into problems. The less stress you can allow to enter your life, the better.

Learn to Decline

When you know your job, and you know it well that can make things difficult. Everyone will turn to you as their savior. While this is flattering, it can become a problem and easily overwhelming. Look at the requests that are mandatory and review how you can fit them into your schedule and successfully accomplish them. For all other requests, you must learn to say "no," and limit what you commit to. When you overcommit, you easily set yourself up for failure because you have now placed yourself in a position of not completing taks to the best of your ability. Stay focused.

Make Family a Priority

While you want to be a success in business, what you often find yourself working for (making a better life for your family,) is what you end up losing in the end. Set weekly schedules for your family, so that each member is aware of what is happening and what is expected. Find a place to post a calendar everyone has access to and can review. For younger children, explain to them what the plans are to increase their excitement. They are good at reminding parents about things, and it can also assist you in remaining on track with your commitments. One simple activity you can do is establish the rule of turning off all electronic equipment during dinner. Turn the volume down on the answering machine, and do not answer the telephone. This provides a simple guaranteed time for members to share the happenings of their day sans interruption. It will also bring families closer together by creating a consistent time for bonding.

Ask for Help

Often we fail to ask for assistance when needed because we are fearful of appearing as if we are unable to complete assigned tasks, frightened about losing our jobs...but the underlying goal should always remain at completing any task to the best of your ability. At times this may mean seeking help, so that you remain in a position of putting your best foot forward and presenting a superior finish. So, before you become frustrated and overwhelmed ask a co-worker, family member, share the load and when you are finished be willing to share the credit for a job well done.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Upcoming Interview With Sally Petersen

I am pleased to announce an exciting upcoming interview with well known and respected author, mother, business owner...Sally Petersen. She will share her vast years of business knowledge, tips, information, and news about her latest literary release.

Stay Tuned!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Work from Home? Keep your Radar on High!

We see the ads on the internet each day, directing you to "legit" employment opportunities. But, how can you be certain that once you have responded, you are REALLY being considered for employment. Many things can make you question your actions, and one cannot always be one hundred percent certain they have taken the right steps. The best actions you can take to safeguard your time, and information is to be prepared. Here are a few things to keep in mind and watch for when searching for "legitimate work opportunities."

Company Name

Is the name of the company made known, or is it the blind email address that keeps you guessing? If your information is being sent to an odd email address, you may want to think carefully before doing so. Allowing personal information to get in the wrong hands can potentially mean longterm trouble.

Established Company

Is the business an established organization? If the company is recognized, research the Internet for additional details so you have a clear picture of how the business has been doing. Find out information about their revenue for the previous year, projected revenue, number of employees, turn over ratio, lawsuits... The more you can find out, the better prepared you will be.

Job Description

What does the job description say? Is it misleading? If it is too difficult to determine what the responsibilities will be, allow your radar to wonder why? A legitimate employment opportunity will inform you of the job responsibilities, so you will know what is being offered and what the company expectations are.

Customer Service

How is the customer service? Can you call and reach a human for clarification on questions you may have? If needed can you receive a return call? Answering these questions will bring a clearer picture to light.


Legitimate employment opportunities present perks to entice individuals. Why would you want to work for this organization? Do they offer healthcare benefits? Retirement benefits, vacation leave? Established organizations often make this information available upfront.

Hiring Process

What is the hiring process? Will an interview be conducted? In person? Over the telephone? What is the hiring time frame? If you are not the chosen candidate will you receive a return call to let you know? Clarity is a bonus. One should never sit around waiting solely on one opportunity, but if you ask the questions upfront, you will have a clear understanding of what to expect in the end.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Allow Yourself to Go There!

Yesterday, I saw an interesting episode of the Tyra show. It was informative, as well as amusing because it was a reminder of what can happen when individuals allow themselves to think outside the box. You just may find yourself with a new job, or home business to start.

When we think of working at home most individuals think of work that can be accomplished on the computer: data entry, medical transciption, virtual assistant ... but what can you come up with when you begin to think of the unusual employment opportunities? I saw an individual that was a professional dog food taster, one who removed chewing gum from the city streets, cleaned port a potties daily... the list goes on. My point is, these individuals were doing jobs and getting paid for things many of us have never given a second thought to.

Today, allow yourself to go there. Take yourself outside the box and watch the direction your mind travels to when thinking about business opportunities. You just never know what your next adventure will be.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Same Old Scams Keep Rotating

Nothing annoys me more than knowing people are still being scammed of their hard earned money. One scam I thought had dwindled away (for the most part) was the Nigerian scams. But, today I received something disguised as a comment on an article I had written requesting that I go to a particular website, provide banking information and a check would be sent to me to deposit into my account.

Why? you may wonder. There was a comment included that said I appeared friendly from my profile. While I do consider myself a friendly person, I have not met anyone in all my years that has just wanted to give me money just because. Neither am I naive.

Can you imagine what would have happened if I had sent in my personal banking information to them, or deposited a check into my account from this strange individual? What if I started writing checks based on the belief that this newfound money was in my account? I shudder to think about it. While I didn't take those steps, I know someone out there will based on the belief that their situation is different. Perhaps they are more trusting.

Remember, be careful. Various scams are in full force, more than ever. Before doing anything, check and then double check. If you are uneasy- don't do it. If it seems to good to be true-remember it is!