Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Final Goodbye Kiss for Your Employer

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and soon we will take the first steps in to 2010. What an exciting time, because now we can all begin fresh- heading in the direction towards accomplishing our goals we have planned. For many of you that will mean saying goodbye to your current employer. Some will note this is a choice you have made, and for others unfortunately it may be an occurrence you have no control over. Whatever the cause, you can handle it with proper planning.

First, you must prepare to ensure your current exit is handled in a professional manner. You want to be as professional when resigning a position as you were when you were initially hired. We are all learning on a daily basis how small the world truly is, and there is always a possibility that someone in your current employment circle may end up in the same circle later. Don't let negative behavior halt potential future growth.

Though you may be preparing for your departure, ensure your appearance remains appropriate for your work environment. Don't slack off, take extended lunch breaks, uses extra sick days, become moody with co-workers... Hold your head high and proceed forward.

Continue putting your best foot forward. Remember, you still work there and your reputation is on the line. Until you have departed the premises on your final day, management is watching you and a good employer deserves the best you have to offer.

Uphold company protocol to the best of your ability: arrive on time, remain organized, behave appropriately, and represent the organization to the best of your ability.

If you desire to have your exit interview, contact Human Resources in plenty of time and make arrangements to do so. Often feedback you provide can be critical for the company, and provide an opportunity for future company changes and improvements. Choose your wording carefully. This is not the time to allow everything to shoot out full throttle. Do not damage your reputation in the process.

You are starting a new year and new opportunities will come your way. It is time to decide the role 2010 will play in your future.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Significance of Personal Branding

Success for online businesses can be accomplished at various levels. One of the most rewarding forms of success however comes once you realize your business has achieved instant recognition. The knowledge that consumers can identify your company based on nothing more than an image, or rather personal branding, indicates that your business has definitely arrived.

But exactly what purpose does branding serve and why does it point towards success? For starters, personal branding has a lot to do with the power of suggestion. If your business is ingrained into the public’s collective consciousness (achieved through repetitive imagery, or personal branding) it stands to reason that your company is the one consumers will recall when contemplating your industry. As a result, they will equate your business as being a leader in its field. With such a status comes prestige, not to mention a high industry standing and the potential for an increase in profits.

One of the hardest things for new online business owners to understand is the idea that personal branding only comes about after an exorbitant amount of dedication and effort. You have to work hard and be diligent to keep your business highly visible. This is where repetition comes into play. Ensure that your logo of choice can be found in every area relating back to your business. For example, your trademark image should appear throughout each individual page on your website. It should also remain visible on every bit of advertising your business puts forth. Such a tactic aims to guarantee that potential consumers never forget your company exists.

While most businesses go the traditional route and develop a graphic logo as the means for branding their company, some decide instead to rely on the strength of an individual personality. In other words, a personal photo can be used in place of a business logo. This type of personal branding strategy can be highly successful as it tends to humanize most companies in the process. You must remember however to only choose a photo that has been professionally shot. Remember, it’s important that your business project an aura of professionalism at every level.

Eddy Gjennestad is a business coach and mentor that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple income streams.Eddy and his team have assisted hundreds of people in generating an executive level income or more in their first year. For more information and to contact Eddy, visit.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Start Your Own Online Business --- How To Keep Your Money In Your Pocket

The most important aspect of knowing how to start online business is to lock away the credit card. It is far to easy, when you start out to be cajoled into buying the latest or greatest can't do without ebook or piece of software.

If it was that easy then everybody would be making vast amounts of money starting homebased businesses. The biggest stumbling block for any newcomer to internet marketing is learning how to build a web site.You can of course, build your own web page. This could save you a lot of time and money.

However, you will actually need to spend some money on getting three separate items.

(1) A domain name costs about $10.00. The internet is based on a numerical address to each web site. So a domain name is used to identify each individual numerical address. It makes it easier for us mere mortals to remember web addresses.

(2) Somewhere to host your new domain name. About $10.00 a month. For a web site to exist it must be hosted on a web server which is always connected to the internet so that your website is always available.

(3) You will also need an Autoresponder which costs about $20.00 a month. An Autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent for you. You don't really want to be sitting at home personally answering every email sent to you when so many of them can be dealt with automatically by an Autoresponder. i.e. password information.

It is too easy to buy this e-book or sign up to that subscription site. It's very easy to want to take in and digest every bit of Internet marketing information available but you will soon find yourself suffering from information overload.

You Don't need to suffer when starting your website.

About the Author: Steve Bass
Visit his site for FREE TIPS!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yikes! One Week Until Christmas. Am I Ready?

This is the question many of you may be asking yourself. A common answer is NO! I need more time. Well, when the time remaining is limited-you must face the truth. You have reached that final week countdown. I decided this year I was going to stay on top of things, and get things done early so I could really enjoy the spirit of the holiday. You have a short time before the end of the year arrives, so below you will find a few pointers to remember, and to help you survive the remainder of the holiday season.

1. You are not perfect, and neither are they. Don't worry about having the perfectly organized holiday gathering at your home. The holidays are a time for remembering the reason for the season, enjoying time with your family, sharing a delicious meal etc. Mix and match plates, paper will all work.

2. Did you notice I didn't say getting those presents? That's right. It is not about the presents. At least it shouldn't be. Sure the kids may want particular items, and us big folks may hope for certain ones-but I believe the one thing this economical downturn has taught us-is we can survive and with a lot less. Toss the guilt aside, go to the local discount store and purchase an item that will peak the interest of your loved one but not hurt your wallet. When it comes down to it, you cannot put a pricetag on time and that is more valuable than anything. So, put away the computer (I know I am writing to share a message with you all,) the telephone, and electronic devices and spend quality time together. Those memories will last you for a life time.

3. This is one I have had to work on recently myself. Know your limits. We have many demands in our lives and the holidays are no exception. You cannot do everything and please everyone. With limited hours in the day, there is no time like today to get your priorities in order. Be realistic about what you can do, as well as what you are comfortable doing. Look in the mirror and start practice saying the word "no." Once you have done it, it gets easier.

4. Dinner will be potluck style. There is nothing wrong with this. We do this in our own family. Everyone contributes by bringing something for the dinner. Make a list beforehand, so that it is clear what everyone is bringing. With monies tighter than ever this year, this plan will be appreciated. You no longer have to portray the image that you can afford it all. Why should you have to?

5. Delegate responsibilities to family members. If you know you are running short on time, and need help-ask for it. Most family members are happy to lend a helping hand. Need help with set-up, clean up, place those calls now, so everyone is clear on the expectations. You will be happier and your holiday attitude will reflect it.

6. Keep moving forward and set aside time for you. This is extremely important. I always make time during the Christmas holiday to sit in the living room, look at the Christmas lights and have several minutes of quiet. Why? Because I am waiting for Santa Claus? No, because I need to be alone with my thoughts, and this is some of the most precious time.

7. Enjoy the final week of this holiday season. There is much business to tend to in the upcoming new year.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Princess/Frog-Let's Get it Hoppin in 2010!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing the new Disney animated film The Princess and the Frog. I will not get off in to many specifics of the film considering it was opening weekend (and I wouldn't dare spoil a moment of it for those that plan to attend.) However, I will say several elements presented in the movie apply to life, and the adventure many of you will begin in the new year. Three that jump off the screen are: hard work pays off if you stay on the path of consistency, love makes us triumphant, and it doesn't matter if anyone else can see your vision-as long as you can. Previously we talked about beginning the employment adventure and where to look. Thank you to those that took the time to express what you wanted to hear about. Some wanted to get a quick jump start on where to look for jobs, considering the recession has hit hard. For those that are just looking for the facts I have asked my fellow brothers and sisters out in cyber land what has worked for them while looking for work and this is what they have offered as places to check. Many offer positions with local employers, as well as telecommuting-so remember to review everything carefully because you may sometimes have to weed your way through the pile to reach the gem. But, I have been told-they are there.

Some urls highly recommended for telecommuting opportunities from readers were:

Individuals with Disabilities looking for Telecommuting opportunities:

An excellent way to connect with others in the business world, and network...

Looking for the hidden jobs?

Now there is no reason not to get the job you so desire or start the business you want. You can make it happen.

Remember to email and share your successes, failures, and new discoveries.

Happy Hunting


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Year is Almost Over-Now What???

As the end of the year quickly approaches, we find ourselves looking back at all that has happened, and all that we didn't accomplish. Many have started thinking about their New Years Resolutions, others have just given up due to frustration. Some of you have lost your jobs, some may be on the verge of losing their jobs, others have had no luck finding a new job,some are thinking about creating their own jobs, and many just don't have a clue about what to do. Here,we are going to help you figure out the direction that may be right for you. Before we do anything else we are going to grasp the mental aspect of what needs to happen as we proceed forward to begin our progress towards working from home.
  • Eliminate the thoughts of doubt you have been plagued with. We are only moving forward.
  • With modern technology you can now work from home with minimal start-up costs.
  • What are you most happiest doing?data entry,crafts,medical coding,customer service?what skills do you have? Write down these answers.
  • Basic home equipment/skills you may need:computer, printing capability,speedy internet connection,fax machine,scanner,digital camera,professional phone etiquette,fax machine,timeliness,multi-tasking abilities,typing speed averaging 40-55 WPM,you MUST be self-movtivated and have the ability to work independently.
  • Make your list of your areas of interest and I am going to tell you what to do and where to look next.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Up And Moving This Holiday Season!

Yes! I am on a roll. I have had a passion for writing since I was a young child. But, it wasn't until my second year in college under the guidance of Professor Carolyn Allen at the University of Washington that my passion turned full throttle; I knew writing would play a major roll in my future. Through the years I have been blessed to have many people read my literary works, articles, and columns. This year I have decided to expand in to blogging so I can develop more intimacy with other writers, mothers, and individuals who have a desire to be successful in their careers, businesses, and life. Here, I will provide a forum to share the latest hits in the work at home arena, the latest misses, the scams, individual successes, job trends, work at home obstacles, family life issues, and so much more. I have spent the last 6 months talking to individuals about what's on their minds and those issues will be brought to the forefront here on Swannee's Blog. If you have something to share please let me know, because the best form of knowledge- is each other.