Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Make it Fun and Involve Your Child in Your Business

I know you are probably looking at that statement, and saying “are you kidding?” Our schedules are busy, and there barely seems to be enough hours in the day to accomplish tasks as it is.  But by setting aside time now to explain things to your child regarding business, responsibilities, commitments, and the importance of organizational skills-this can prove to be rewarding for them in the future. The most important lessons begin at home, and here are a few simple steps you can take to make this happen.


Explain and Demonstrate Responsibilities


Children learn not only what you say, but they learn things by what they observe you doing. If you have a common habit, there is a strong possibility they may want to mimic it. Ensure it is a positive habit. Make a habit of setting aside time monthly to discuss finances with your child. This doesn’t have to be anything long and complicated, but make it age appropriate. They must understand that the means to accumulating wealth and running a successful business is by saving, investing and planning for those rainy days that are guaranteed to come. Your status will have nothing to do with the labels you wear because sooner or later those will become worn out. The younger this is explained and understood, the better.


Understanding Finances is Fun


Make it a fun experience to learn about money. The more fun you have while learning, the stronger eagerness and interest will emerge. Find board games such as Monopoly that allow you to have hands on experience with paper money, buying and purchasing properties, earning additional funds etc. Also, check to see what opportunities your child has at school to obtain additional knowledge about money and get them involved in it.

If They Want Your Money, Beware!

With the economy still in a volatile state, consumers are hanging on to their purse strings tighter than ever. I, too find that I am watching my pennies a little more to stretch them further. One thing that makes me angry is when I hear about people being scammed. When I hear complaints about this occurring, I will spread the word. Recently, I have been hearing about more people networking to connect with others that are interested in starting a business or improving the one they have already established. Now, don’t get me wrong I am in no way saying networking is bad, but what is bad is when you are tricked in to spending money  you don’t need to. Several consumers contacted me stating they had connected with others online and were instructed to send a payment to be “a part of the business group.” This caused my alarm to go off immediately. For one a book or product wasn’t being purchased. A seminar wasn’t happening. This was strictly a means to be allowed to sit in. Why should you have to pay for that? There may be times when this becomes necessary, but I want you all to know that there are other free ways to connect with others in your area who maintain similiar business goals. Before you open your wallet, take a closer look at who you are networking with.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Promotional Pens Can Be a Viable Marketing Strategy

When you are putting together a marketing plan for your company, there are many things to consider but the most important thing is to determine how much you want to pay. As a small business owner, you need to find several ways to make your business successful but you may not have a lot of money to do it. Some of the costs that you will be looking at include:

1. Newspaper advertisements - These can be effective but the days of the newspaper are long gone and there are a lot of high rates for advertising. You will typically pay $1,000 for a full page ad, even in a local paper, and only reach a few hundred people. This means for each person you reach, you are spending as much as five dollars. Only a fraction of these people will come to your store.

2. Television advertisements - These are well-known and seen by many people but they are horribly expensive. You will pay thousands of dollars and reach thousands of people, yes, but is it worth it? You need to reach a lot of people to bring in enough sales and often this is too expensive for most small businesses.

3. Radio advertisements - The same thing is true for radio advertisements. You reach a lot of people but not a lot come into your store as a result.

So, what can you do and where can you go for your marketing strategy? There is only one place for a small business to turn and that is to the promotional gift marketing strategy. Promotional gifts are great because they allow your company to get exposure to hundreds of people for a fraction of the price of regular advertising. If you put your company name and logo on a pen, it will reach roughly 10 to 20 people over the course of the life of that pen. If only 10 percent of those people buy from you, that is one to two people coming into your store. If they each buy an item worth $20, you have gained a big return on the investment of a two dollar promotional pen.

That is how easy it is to market your company through promotional pens. You can reach a lot of people, you can do it cheaply and you do not have to worry about doing this every week. A pen will last for years and it will advertise your company that entire time. is a large distribution company based in Miami, Florida. They are web-based and factory-direct which allows them to keep prices lower than the rest of the competition. They also have a huge selection of promotional products from wine glasses and shot glasses to tote bags and pens.

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Author: Amin Ramjee

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Have You Seen This Person?

Today, I am going to skip writing my usual blog in order to post additional important information. Kathy Chou, the 19 year old friend of my daughter- is missing. Please see the attached article, and if you know anything make a call to the Renton Police Department.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When Your College Graduate Returns Home

Many parents are not only running their homebased businesses on a daily basis, but they are also dealing with the everyday events that occur in their lives such as: appointments, children, ill parents, and for many this year a child that is graduating from high school as well as all the responsibilities that come along with that. While this may be hectic, what about those individuals that are now dealing with a child that has completed college and has been unsuccessful at locating a job? Read my latest article on this subject.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for the upcoming exciting section of this blog which will feature fabulous free items, and opportunities you will want to take advantage of.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Always Look for the Unique Twist

I read alot, and research even more as I strive to continuously make new discoveries about work at home business opportunities, scams, and things that I find of interest that I would like to share with others. Today, while reading about some unique businesses and how they were started, I stumbled across an interesting article. You never know when a business idea will develop. Read about a gentleman and his dog, and how his business Geese Police started click here.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

You Want My Voice to Sound Like Who?

Well, as you all know when I find something interesting to share with you I will. I report my experiences and will never ask you to substitute my opinions for your own. Here is an unusual experience I wanted to tell you about. Often in newspapers and online you will see ads asking for individuals interested in being cast as an extra in a film that is being made, or asking for individuals that are interested in becoming actors…well I saw one of those ads recently and decided to inquire about this. If something seems interesting and may prove to be a good method for individuals to earn a little extra money to add to their family budget, then why not? This could also prove to be work that is fun as well. I can still remember years ago when Jaclyn Smith was filming a television movie in my hometown, there was a need for extras for a church wedding scene, I was able to participate in that. There was no pay for this, but I was able to meet her and I adored her, so the opportunity to speak with her was all I needed. She is beautiful in person by the way. After calling the number listed in the ad and asking a few questions, I felt this would be interesting…flexible hours, the opportunity for individuals to work from home, work when you wanted to, no pressure. If something sounds too good to be true, remember it usually is. Then, the strangest question was asked of me. “Can you do an accent?” Well, I haven’t been professionally trained but felt I could do a decent job. Why did they want to know this? What kind of accent were they seeking? I thought they just wanted extras to fill in a scene. About a minute later sitting there holding the phone with my mouth hanging open, I realized why. This wasn’t a part time job I would necessarily rush out to refer to my friends desiring to work from home.


They were seeking actresses, but not to work as an extra. This over the telephone work was a little more than I anticipated because you would be fulfilling fantasies for others….talk about a misleading ad. So, the next time you see the advertisement claiming to provide a wonderful work at home opportunity for stay at home mothers desiring to make a good salary, set their own hours, become their own boss, have no stress, working one on on one with others, while facing new challenges daily, think again! They may be asking for a price, you are not willing to pay.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

You Can No Longer Avoid Those Taxes

You Can No Longer Avoid Tax Time! The tax deadline is almost here. For help go to

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Want To Hire The Best? Pick Up The Phone!

Hiring the best employee starts with being proactive on the front end of the pre-hire process. Consider screening candidates by phone first. Face to face interviews should be reserved for only those candidates whose work experience and skills compliment the job that you are trying to fill.

Ask questions that allow you to determine whether the candidate meets your job criteria. Be sure to listen carefully to how the candidate answers your questions and to their overall phone presentation.

Phone screens should last anywhere from 5 – 10 minutes. Weed out those candidates that don’t meet your job criteria.

Dianne Shaddock is the Founder of Easy Small Business, a website which provides “Quick and Simple Human Resources Strategies for Small Businesses, Non Profits, and Entrepreneurs. Go to for more tips on how to hire and manage your staff more effectively. Easy Small Business HR, Your Personal HR Consultant!

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Author D. Austin

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Need to Order Supplies on a Budget?

If you are looking to refill your supply drawer for many of your business needs look no further than They currently have some fantastic deals running.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Did You Survive April Fool's Day?

On the day that so many people often get scammed, how did you make out? If you have information about a recent scam you have become aware of share that information with us. Check out these familiar businesses and the jokes they decided to play on this special day.

Three Tips to Keep Extra Money in Your Pocket

Make Yourself Number One

Every month as part of your monthly expenses, remember the first check should be written to yourself and headed directly for your savings account. This can often be difficult especially when you see the numerous bills awaiting you, but there are ways to lessen this pain. Set-up direct deposit, and assign an amount to go to your savings, money market account, investments…do this today so that you no longer have to worry about making the contribution or find yourself wondering where the money went. You will know that your money is being placed where it belongs and is starting to work for you.


Save for the Rainy Day

We hear this one too often, and we often take a chance that this day will be down the road. But, what seems to happen is it attacks us when we least expect it. We are then stuck shuffling things around to try to pay the bills, or have to place a charge on a high interest credit card because we didn’t have a backup plan. Make a cash reserve or emergency fund available. Many credit unions are offering Christmas funds, vacation funds etc. to help consumers. Some take as little as $5 to get things started. For years Financial Advisors have stressed setting aside a 6 month reserve, but with the volatile state of the economy it is wise to accrue 8 months of savings because of the length of time it is taking to obtain a new job. Set goals, and look at  what is short range vs. long term. Plan accordingly and make it fun. Check out Suze Orman’s Expense Tracker for assistance.


Live Within Your Means

In 2010 make your primary goal- reaching a cash based way of living. Of course there are times you may need to use a credit card for expenses that run higher, but eliminate the day to day living on a credit card for survival. Too often we spend more than what is coming in without realizing it because the process becomes familiar and we get comfortable with our actions. Making more money will not make a difference if you are not taking the proper steps, and doing something positive with it. Make your goal getting in the black and building the wealth today that will provide you with a relaxing future tomorrow.