Monday, September 27, 2010

Renton is Home to One of the Largest Remaining Blue Heron Colonies

As I fight to get back on my feet after not feeling well for a bit, I have had an opportunity to do some writing about Blue Herons. Have you had an opportunity to view my latest article?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Steps to Take When Your Boss is the Bully

As we continue examining the subject of bully bosses, we must take a look at the necessary steps to take to clear up this problem. Sometimes it may take a while to reach a resolution, but the bottom line is-no one should have to work in an environment where they are harassed. Here are a few steps to take when preparing to clean up an uncomfortable work environment.

Carefully examine what is being done that makes you feel uncomfortable. Is it the way you are being spoken to (ex. insulting?) Are you being flirted with or having inappropriate comments said to you? Pin-point exactly what the problem is to ensure you are not being overly sensitive or that your boss was perhaps having a bad day.

Ensure you have documentation to support your statements. Write down what the situation was, statements made, dates, time, location. When you make an accusation, bring the facts with you.

Review your company handbook. What statements are made about the work environment, and what constitutes harassment according to their definition. Contact the Human Resources department for additional clarification and support.

Contact the bosses boss. I have had to do this myself, and know this can be very uncomfortable. Think carefully before doing this, and make sure this step is necessary. Remember, there will most likely be a point where your boss will know what you have accused them of. Always be prepared for the fall-out.

Are there others facing the same issues with the boss? Perhaps you can present the problems together. Be careful as this can also backfire-if you choose to speak openly with someone playing both sides of the fence and wanting to get in good with the boss. You must always know who you are talking to.

Once taking necessary steps, if nothing changes, you may consider seeking employment elsewhere. Consider all options before making any moves.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Workplace Bullying In Your Face

As I prepared to write todays blog, an article I ran across on the internet caught my attention, angered me, and saddened me as well. It is a perfect example of the extremes that a difficult work environment can push one to. Click here.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How Do You Know When the Bully Boss Has Entered Your Home?

It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon and your mind is on something else. You just cannot seem to relax and enjoy the remainder of your day. You have already started to stress about the boss' Monday morning mood. The workload is too much, and the boss continues to pile more on you while giving you a smirk. Thoughts of your boss are making your blood pressure rise. Are they being a bully?

Here are a few signs that let you know the stressful thoughts of your boss are taking over:

You cannot enjoy potential family opportunities that come your way because you are so fearful of what awaits you during the upcoming work week.

You take work home with you even when not required to do so, fearful that something has been done incorrectly.

You cannot relax due to the tension you are feeling.

You have become extra emotional (crying at times about the job and dreading going there.)

You are snappy with your reponses to family and friends.

You feel unhappy, and under constant pressure.

These are just a few signs to give you the jolt that something may not be right. Things can be corrected, and as we continue down our path of examining the bully boss, we will examine what steps to take.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Business Conference Warning this Labor Day Weekend

For all you Pacific Northwest business owners or future business owners, if you are considering participating in a local conference at hotels in Tacoma and Olympia, please check out this warning..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Have You Ever Worked for a Bully Boss?

Starting this week, I will be addressing an issue that is becoming more common in the workforce. In fact, it is one that I have been faced with myself, as you can see in my literary work Healthcare Under Duress: An Inside look at the University of Washington Billing Scandal- the bully boss!

To be honest I have dealt with this topic a couple of times during my work history.

So, how do you know if your boss is a bully? Let's figure this out. Below you will see a few of the areas we will be covering.

What is a bully boss?
How to work with a bully boss?
How to protect yourself, and much let's get started. We have many issues to address.

Not every boss is a bully, some are just bad bosses-we must keep this in mind. So, the first part is to determine where your boss falls.

Answer these questions

Does your boss insult you? Is this behavior exhibited in front of others?

Has your boss given you another name, which is used to emphasize your shortcomings in the workplace?

Are you often blamed for errors that occur?

Does the boss take credit for and receive praise for work you have completed?

Are you assigned unreasonable goals which must be met?

Does the boss subject you to their bad moods (causing you to walk on eggshells,) and give you the silent treatment at times?

Are you threatened repeatedly with job loss or a pay cut for failing to complete a task?

Are you fearful of your boss, and physically ill at times as a result of dealing with them or thinking about it?

If you have answered yes to several of these questions, you have an issue that needs to be addressed. These are just sample questions to help you identify a problem. In upcoming blogs we will break it down and get to the root of what motivates these individuals to thrust psychological fear upon others, and teach you how to fight back.