Friday, February 26, 2010

1 Ongoing Scam? Earning Money by Stuffing Envelopes

No matter how many years I write, no matter how long I do business, I constantly am asked the same question about earning money stuffing envelopes at home. While this is a wonderful thought, the idea of earning lots of money for the sole purpose of stuffing envelopes seems unrealistic. I've seen plenty of ads in tabloids, magazines, newspapers promoting this business venture etc. I have responded to a couple of these ads that require you to send in a dollar to start your job opportunity. In return you get some instructions.... but to get off into the specifics of what I have discovered are detailed basically the same in this article So, the next time you decide to follow this work at home opportunity, think again.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5 Rules for Effective Business Marketing

To effectively promote your business, you must remember to give it the necessary attention required daily to ensure it succeeds. Here, you will find five rules to keep your business on track:

You must continue to experiment. Successful businesses were not built overnight. They became successful through trial and error, so if an action isn't proving to be beneficial to your business, make a small change to see if you can improve things. Never stray from the path of making your business the best it can be.

Know the right Customer for your business-to be successful in your business, you must know who your target audience is. Are you marketing to the correct individuals? Often businesses do not keep their clientele lists current, survey potential prospects enough...and instead end up wasting time by targeting the wrong potential clientele. Review often to ensure you are taking the proper actions to reach the intended targets.

Daily marketing is a must-this doesn't have to be a lengthy process, but it does need to be a consistent one. Starting today, allow at least twenty minutes to work towards promoting your business. Often people start a business and fail to continue to promote it, then when their revenue is short or their customers are lacking they wonder why? or end their business out of frustration. When is the last time you marketed your business? If you cannot answer today, then it has been too long.

Why are you special? Of course you are special to your parents, but what makes your business special? Whatever type of business communication you send to customers, never miss an opportunity to repeat the message about your special offerings. Remember to repeat generates heat. Turn up the flame on what your business offers today.

First impressions last a life time. No matter what you do or how many opportunities you get to do it, people will always remember the way you were the first time they encountered you, so make that a positive experience. If you run a business keep your clothing appropriate, and never allow an opportunity to promote yourself to pass by. You can easily do this by being prepared. This doesn't mean shouting to the crowds "look at me." But, when there is an opportunity to distribute a business card, or make your services known if the situation presents itself, do that. I have noticed in my local area restaurants are holding drawings to see who can win a free meal. This is done by placing your business card in a container placed on the front counter. Cards are drawn on particular dates, and the winning names are posted. Why not have your business card handy and toss it in the container. You never know who might need your services, or see your card and pass it along to a friend, family member, or business acquaintance. Seize all opportunities, and make things happen.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

$17.21! You Decide Is There A Gold Rush Now

A few weeks ago I was presented with the question is the business Gold Rush Now legite? Can you really send in gold jewelry (broken or condition of gold doesn't matter,) or other items and actually receive money for them? Well, after hearing this question numerous times, and seeing Steve Wilkos (of Jerry Springer fame) brag about it on late night television, I decided to take the plunge and see for myself. What I report here is my personal actions, experience, and outcome. I in no way ask you to substitute your judgment for my own-this is what I can honestly report happened to me. After reading the fine print on the website I followed a few simple steps to get things moving along:

Rather than have the Gold Rush Bundle sent to me to package my items, I decided to select the option of printing out the pre-paid Fed Ex. shipping label so I could get things moving quickly. It took just minutes to do that. I rounded up some gold items that were just laying around the house, some were just collecting dust, others were earrings I couldn't find the mate too etc. Nothing really expensive as far as I could remember or sentimental. I just wanted to see what was going to happen.

I found some bubble wrap, a small box, taped the label on as isntructed, dropped the box off in a nearby Fed Ex drop off box and waited. Within days an email arrived indicating my items had been received and a check was on the way. I was stunned, but decided to wait until a check actually arrived and was in hand before making any final decisions. A few days later it did! The amount, $17.21! I wasn't expecting a fortune, and again remember I sent gold items that had only one earring etc. So, anything I received was considered a bonus.

I would like to also note-there is a form to complete where you can include the value you estimate your items to be, and include it in your packaging. SO, I would suggest checking more closely if you choose to send things more valuable and are concerned about this.

When I took the check to the bank, I was still skeptical as to if I could actually cash the check. I have checked out numerous business opportunities through the years, and nothing surprises me much anymore. With the recession in full swing, there are more scams than ever occuring.

The check was cashed and voila! I had $17.21 in hand. Not a fortune, but more than I had before. Besides, if you have extra jewelry just collecting dust around the house, gather it up, send it off and collect a few extra dollars. I found it much easier to do this rather than answering some of the surveys other businesses allow you to do to generate money. See my previous Cash Crate blog report if you are unsure of what I am referring to.

Is this for you? You decide, but I have found that Gold Rush Now is a legite way to put a little extra in your pocket.

If you have had an experience with this company, and want to share it with our readers. Leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

3 Ways to Move Your Business Forward When Everything Else Falls in Your Path

With the economy in its tragic state, it is more important than ever to ensure we are constantly on the move, in the right direction to keep our businesses progressing. No matter what the size, to succeed you must get your business noticed by customers. You have the ability to control this task, but often this is forgotten due to the continual goal of earning money and life's daily requirements. Sure money is important, but it is just as important to ensure you choose a homebased business you will enjoy. When you do, your authentic being will shine through. Here are a few tips you can employ daily to keep your business on the right track.

Spend the time to continually improve your business: No matter how satisfied you are with your business, there is always room for improvement. Each customer has a different need that desires to be met. Businesses that never offer change, or variation in their products become stagnate over time. Always look for ways to give your business that extra boost. Set it apart from the others. Ex. if you run a desktop publishing business, think of new methods that will help your clients run their businesses more efficiently. Rave about these methods. If you believe it, and show it-your client will see it. Show them why you're their "go to person." Run a landscaping business? offer a discount, free consultation on flowers that can be easily planted while requiring limited maintenance. Think of a gimmick that will stop them in their tracks. Don't let them go through their day without thinking of your business.Be creative, wacky, and keep it fun.

Have something you hate to do, assume some customers or potential future customers may have the same dislike. Offer that service that people need, but hate to do or just may not have time to do.

A couple of years ago I read an interesting article on an individual that had started a very profitable homebased business in Portland, Oregon by offering to do something he hated doing himself. Scooping dog poo from the yard. He developed a business plan, offered weekly rates to scoop the droppings from neighborhood yards, bought a few inexpensive pieces of equipment and he was on his way. Amazingly! People jumped at the opportunity to have this daunting task eliminated from their agenda. Brainstorm, and see what ideas you can come up with. You might be surprised what your next business venture turns out to be.

Make your mantra FEAR WILL NOT STOP ME! Say it to yourself daily. It is amazing the number of individuals that fail to pursue lifelong dreams because of fear. We all have it, but the way it affects your life, is where you choose to place it in your life. So,starting today take a chance on doing something you have always dreamt of doing. Make a plan, decide to give it your best shot, and go for it. If it doesn't work out the way you envisioned, chances are you will be no worse off tomorrow. But, if you fail to even attempt to progress forward-you will be left with wondering what could have been. What is your business dream? Figure out how to make it happen.

Know what you need: Often we have a tendency to think I want this, or I need that. Perhaps you think I would be happy with my business if I could make this amount of money per month. Figure out your business needs and make a list. Now look at your wants. Often when we make lists, upon reviewing them we find that our desires aren't realistic. Perhaps it is unrealistic to think you are going to make $5000.00 monthly in this economy. But, is there anything wrong with making that a future goal? No, but like anything else you must nurture your business and give it attention and time. You cannot get what you want, if you cannot clearly define what you need. Take the time to figure it out. Once you have, remind yourself often of what those needs are and make sure you perform one activity daily that will take you in the right direction of reaching your long term goals.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I Want My Money in My Pocket Starting this Year

We are all looking for a few simple ways to save money in 2010. As we all know tax time has rapidly arrived again. I know! I know! It isn't something we necessarily look forward to doing, but it is best to approach the task, handle it, and deal with the outcome. If you are using H/R Block this year to assist with your tax preparations, go to to save $20.00 while getting your taxes processed.

Have you had time to check out Family Christian Stores? Take a glance at their offerings, and perhaps you may find some great reading material. Now thru February 21you can find a coupon at to save you 20% on your next purchase.

Cut your grocery bill in half during 2010 by going to coupons you can use to purchase your basic need items.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

In 2010 Make Everyday Valentine's Day

Now that 2010 is here, it is time to make positive changes. I have always enjoyed Valentine's Day but find the commercialism amazing. Often so much is focused on what is spent to make the day special, that one forgets the meaning should not just be limited to a single day, but everyday! This year as we develop new strategies to reach our goals, let's ensure we let each other know how much love we feel for one another. Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5 Simple Ways to Become an Expert in Your Field

Did you know that you can become an expert in your field by mastering a few simple rules? Most people think that it takes years and years to master these rules and that they are very difficult and time consuming. If you will just devote some time and energy into something you are already passionate about, your level of expertise skyrockets faster than you ever could have imagined. Here are 5 simple ways to become an expert in your field:

Study what others in your field have done: See exactly what they did to become successful and model them. Read their autobiography or if they have videos of themselves, study those. If they have written books, articles etc., read what they’ve written about. If they suggest a book, read that book. If they talk about their mentor or mentoring in general, study that. If you study several people, look for similarities. See if you can contact an “expert” and learn from them or research if they have mentoring programs.

Study the subject / field you want to become an expert in: Do this in great detail and take your time to learn it thoroughly. You want to know what you’re talking about and you want to sound confident when speaking to others, especially if you want to be a consultant or coach. Find different methods and techniques that others may not have found or used, then expose those methods.

Do something to make yourself stand apart from others in your field: Let’s say the “experts” in your field only use a certain method for bringing in people to a program. Just like what is stated above. Can you use a different method and be just as successful? Could you tweak their method or use multiple methods at the same time? Find something you are comfortable doing that sets you apart from everyone else and do it.

Write or speak about your knowledge and expertise: You’ll earn more respect and trust from people by doing this than just trying to sell them something. When you offer advice or help solve people’s problems and do it with confidence, people will look at you as someone with authority and know how. Practice this method if needed, until you feel comfortable with it then it will come naturally.

Brand yourself as the expert: Be the goto guy or gal on your team or organization. When you know your “stuff” people will come to you. You no longer have to go out and try to bring people in. People will come to you and usually bring others. Let them know you can help them and that you are available to help whenever they need it.

You have to learn some simple and inexpensive ways on becoming an expert in your field. If you look closely at these methods you will find that most of what it takes to become an expert is only your time and your willingness to learn. By simply investing a mere 30 to 60 minutes a day, you can master these skills quickly and they will last you a lifetime.

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Author: Carmen Stevenson

About the Author: Carmen Stevenson is an author and a founding member of a brand new company, that is dedicated to helping others succeed. Carmen and her team of experts can help you step by step build financial freedom. Go to:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Do Your Customers Know They Are Valued?

With the economy in the state it is in today, it is more important than ever to let your customers know you appreciate them and value their business. There are a few techniques you can easily put in place to make this information known.

Provide easy access to yourself or a top notch customer service team. There is nothing more frustrating than to call a business, and not be able to reach a human for assistance. This is becoming more difficult with the job eliminations that are occurring in various businesses. However, this is an area where small or homebased businesses can now shine and become the twinkle in their customers eyes. You may be a small business, but use your availability and the one on one approach as a technique that can place you at the top of the game.

Selling a product or services? Ensure that your customer is always receiving a good value for the money spent. Everyone is reluctant to spend money now, and consider carefully what their dollars will be used for. Let your customers know you appreciate that, respect it, and in no way are trying to take advantage of them. My family recently decided to eliminate business dealings with a local contractor we were interested in regarding deck repairs. He provided an estimate off the top of his head which seemed inflated. When pressed further to write down itemized accounts of the labor fees vs supplies he became very tense. After calling the local hardware store we understood why. He had severely inflated the costs! Comparing his rates to other local contractors we found his dealings shady. No one wants to be "ripped off," and believe me if you attempt to do that-the news travels.

Quality products are a must. Never provide your customer with anything you wouldn't deem good enough for yourself. They want the same treatment you expect in your business dealings, and when you do so there is nothing more valuable for your business than word of mouth.

When offering a product, opportunity, service clear about what your intent is so that each individual will know what to expect. This also prevents misunderstandings, and hurt feelings. Document everything and provide copies of your paperwork for all parties involved. Keep your files current for future business dealings.

Keep things simple. Sometimes when doing business we want to make changes quickly.There is nothing wrong with change, but at times too much change can be confusing and overwhelming for your customers. Make adjustments gradually. Find out what your customers want or need to make their dealings with your business flow more smoothly. Gradually make the transitions, and see how it is working for them. If things are going smoothly and flowing in the proper direction proceed forward. If things are not going well, then this will be the perfect opportunity to make a correction before everything has been set in stone.

Review often and adjust when necessary while making business dealings. It can help you achieve the success you desire.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Increase Your Website Traffic

If you have any experience with internet business you probably know by now that having website traffic is crucial to your success. If you don’t have visitors coming your way, no one will ever know about you and you will not make any sales. How do I get targeted website traffic without spending all of my money? You have probably asked yourself this question many times. I will show you 5 well-proven techniques that will help you to increase your website traffic without spending a penny.

1. Write articles

Write articles about what your are promoting and then post them on different article directories such as and If you write good content articles you will be allowed to add your resource box with your link in it at the end of the article.
The more articles you write, the better chance for people to find you. Just make sure that you write good quality articles, if you don’t, your article might be rejected and you could even be accused of spamming.
A good start could be to write and submit one good article every day. Stay committed to this and you will see results eventually.

2. Make a video presentation

A good way to promote your website and product is to make a short video presentation and post them on sites like and Don’t make your presentation too long, less than 5 minutes is good. Posting your video is free.

These video websites are very SEO friendly and could make you show up on the top 10 search results on Google! Wouldn’t it be worth it to just spend a few minutes recording a short video?
If you have never done a video before, a good way to start would be to download CamStudio ( This is free screen recording software. If you want to edit and arrange your video before you upload it, you can use your standard windows movie maker.

3. Write on forums

This is free and will drives highly targeted audiences to your website. Find forums within the same niche as your business. Join the discussions and contribute valuable information to the forum. On many forums you are allowed to have your own signature file.

4. Digg

When you have written and submitted your articles to the article directories you can expose them on an online community like This community has members who are always looking for something new.

5. Twitter

This FREE community really was a phenomenon that conquered the world in 2009. It is still one of the fastest growing communities online today. If you build a network of thousands of people you can easily drive traffic from your twitter profile and updates to your website.

Author: Jonatan Ericsson

To learn more about these different techniques please read below and make sure to sign-up for our FREE 7-day online DVD.

Jonatan Ericsson is a full time Network Marketer.
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About the Author: Jonatan Ericsson is a full time Online Marketer. Get your free 7-day cutting edge Internet Marketing secrets exposed online DVD bootcamp. Learn more at:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Changing Careers

Have you been dissatisfied with your present job? Have you desired to change your career but felt too old to return to school? Often, having mature life first hand can make you value school more, resulting in studying harder, and remembering what you studied more easily.

Unlike students fresh from college, you have much more duties and life to juggle. You will need to juggle your full time job, school, and family commitments. You will need to leave your hobbies instead of doing homework, you will need to give up church outings as well as the occasional college field trip in order to make room for your college courses, and you will need to say goodbye to the favorite, weekly TV show to replace it with learning for tests.

Everything is possible. You can retire from a 20 year career to begin your new career. After completing your classroom studies, you can find a new job and find yourself excited by it.

You must be sure that before making your final decision you do a thorough research on accessible options. You should realize what skills you have plus what skills you may need to obtain for the new job. You need to be confident concerning salary prospects, plus other relevant info. You can have many expectations regarding the career that you want, but doing the required research will assist you to look beyond the rosy picture. Also, you can work with a mentor, or a career coach, prior to making the final decision.

Author: Ronaldo Karlos

Working as an editor at a writing service Gyff Solomatin has gained extensive experience in custom writing services.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Rejuvenate Your Business During These Difficult Economic Times

Lately in my community, it seems like another business is closing its doors every few weeks. This is heartbreaking because I have patronized many of these businesses and seen the hard work and labor their owners have put into making them a success. But, often this isn't enough because the economy can still stampede you when you least expect it. Here are a few quick tips to assist you in the challenge of helping your business survive.

Grab a notebook, pad, your computer, or whatever works for you. You are going to make an action log. So, it is time to create your plan. You cannot truly move forward if you have no idea of what you intend to accomplish. Set dates! This will keep you moving forward, because this makes it clear what the timeline is, and what the expectations are.

Don't try to make too many changes too quickly. This is often the downfall for many individuals. They have a host of ideas, and take on too much at once, burn out, or become frustrated and nothing gets done. Decide on one or two of the most important adjustments that you believe would benefit your business, and be beneficial. Make them happen.

If you have an idea, but cannot clearly see how to make the changes happen, ask for ideas and opinions from individuals you know, trust and respect. Often others can observe an idea from an angle you may have not thought of. Seek out a mentor in the same field or similar field that may have gone through this process and see if they can help guide you. They just may be able to prevent you from sinking in to certain pitfalls because they have already been through it.

Remember the old school methods of relationships and doing business? We have to admit that modern technology has eliminated the personal touches that meant so much. Now everyone emails, about calling clients and letting them know you still care about them? See if there is a service they need that perhaps your company can provide. If you can make it happen, do it! Handwritten notes are wonderful because most businesses now do everything electronically. There is nothing like a handwritten note that says. "I appreciate your business, and thank you for supporting me." Set yourself apart from the pack with this forgotten approach. I make it a point to make mental notes of businesses that have taken the time to do this for me. Remember, when your business makes a kind jester, others will spread the news.

Always look for ways you can continue to expand. Is there another business that you can connect with to perform a joint venture? Look around, and perhaps you will find an area that will help you thrive both professionally and financially. Perhaps you may even make a new business associate along the way.

Are you working with team players that can help you reach the next level? You need to ensure your team members have talent that can help you reach the goals you have planned for your business.

While reviewing others and reevaluating their offerings, you need to review yourself, business conduct, strengths, weaknesses, and ways you can improve to help promote your business to new heights.

Always stay current on methods and areas to improve, stay open to others and ideas, and work with integrity to take you to the next level of development.